So, how did it all begin?

Well, we were fed up with dismantling our bikes to store or transport them. We wanted to look after them, make them feel loved but didn’t have the time to remove parts – life is too short!

Hence the creation of The Bike Bag - the only bag that allows you to store instantly – brilliant!

We are small, so service is personal. We care and know you care about your beloved bike, just like us.

Our philosophy is simple - if we can find ways to make life a little easier, we are happy and we hope you will be just as happy when you receive your brilliant bike bag.

Here at the bike bag we love adventure – so taking our pride and joy to new places to explore and getting dirty and messy is a necessity– popping it straight in the bike bag removes the car clean afterwards - we’re all about the adventure not about the mundane chores after!

Call us, email us, come and see us – and most importantly if you like what we do – support us. That way we can build and develop other easy time savers – after all, we would all much rather be out and about on our bikes rather than inside fiddling around. Enjoy!

Love the bike bag team.

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